Inspired by our own frustrations of trying to keep up with social comments and messages, we set out to build a better solution.

Problems we faced

Comments overload - inspired by our own frustration, we needed a solution to catch & respond to every facebook comment and message.

Almost but not perfect - although we were able to catch most of the comments, some comments would slip through.

Feature after thought - we signed up for most of the major cloud customer service and social media management apps only to find out social customer service is an afterthought.

Bloated software - many existing apps bundle in features that we simply don't need. Bloated software comes with bloated prices.

Our solution

Comments streamlined - whether you manage 10 or just 1 Facebook page, all comments are funneled into our software for easy management.

Catch all - all Facebook comments, posts and messages are captured into a ticketing system. Never miss out on a conversation.

Feature rich - because this is not an "add-on" or "plug-in" feature on top of a customer service software, we have all the features you would want for social media customer service.

Do one thing well - our software has one single purpose. Simple to use with very little learning curve.

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